iPhone Hearts Love Case for Women

This lovely looking Apple iPhone Pink Case with Swivel Belt Clip ships free for all U.S orders. Easy snap-on assembly, adjustable belt clip rotates 360° degrees(Removable).

It has a slim design and provides access to volume/side buttons, camera lens, and charger socket.

If you are looking for another pink colored sleek design visit also Cozip Slim Pink Case.

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Sena UltraSlim Pouch for iPhone & iPhone 3G

Sena UltraSlim Case is handcrafted from finest Italian Napa Leather and has an ultra slim design. Full 5 stars from Amazon customers.

Especially sleek unique design and the stitching&cut of this iPhone case is well appreciated.

Recommended case for the people who care beauty as much as protection as well. 10/10

Protect your iPhone 3G from Scratches - Get the invisibleSHIELD.

Super Thin Protection for iPhone 3G

There is a quite popular item for the new Apple iPhone 3G. ZAGG's invisibleSHIELD™ is an exceptionally clear and virtually indestructible film that will protect your iPhone 3G from unsightly scratches.

This film uses nano memory technology which is also used in military to protect high speed helicopter blades from dust and dirt.

It is currently the most durable and toughest protection you can find. Another advantage is that it is the slimmest iPhone 3G skin or cover, only .2 milimeters thick. This offer also provides lifetime quality guarantee with free replacements.

Protect your iPhone 3G from Scratches - Get the invisibleSHIELD.

OtterBox Defender iPhone Case : A warrior?

I have noticed that there are actually two types of iPhone cases. Real strong protectors and Geekstyle fashionable ones. OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone is a quality case which will perfectly protect your iPhone against hits and drops, suitable for more active people. It accommodates both 4GB and 8GB Apple iPhones. There is a touch screen membrane to protect interface. The case is not as slim as my favorite Cozip iPhone Case but still it does the job.

These were the pros and there are two cons which customers write about. Silence switch is not accessible and plastic membranes have a few bubbles. Anyway I give 7/10 as a score.

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Lovely iPhone Case For Women

Cozip brand is currently the leader on iPhone case market and produces high quality cases. This pink Apple iPhone Soft and Slim Case is designed specially for women.

Ergonomic, slip-free and coated in multi layers. You can quickly and easily access to all phone features. These include screen display, headphone port, dock connector, microphone and camera lens.

A fashionable recommended shiny case. If you are looking for skins to express yourself check DecalGirl Cool Girl Skins for iPhone

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iPhone Orion Leather Sleeve Case for 1G and 3G

Incipio Apple iPhone 1G & 3G Orion Elegant Sleeve Case with Fine Stitching - WhiteiPhone Orion Leather Sleeve Case is made of quality leather and fine stitching. Sliding out is easy. Its target customers are people who seek elegant and business looking with a quality leather feeling.

It is a thin case and there are 9 color options available. I would prefer iPhone Slim Case from Cozip but it also does what it promises. Amazon customers have generally positive comments.

Suitable for both 1G and 3G

Protect your iPhone 3G from Scratches - Get the invisibleSHIELD.

Speck ToughSkin iPhone Case

It is another high quality iPhone case for the people who are seeking tough protection. Speck ToughSkin ruggedized iPhone case includes a custom holster with swivel belt clip/stand for viewing. Place screen inward for optimal screen protection. With complete access to all controls, this case keeps your Apple iPhone safe and secure. If you want a more stylish and slim one you should also have a look at Cozip Slim iPhone case. Both models have the best customer ratings at Amazon.com. 9/10

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Cozip Slim iPhone Case

Last update : Cozip case for iPhone 3G is here. This review is for 1G model.

If you want a slim, light, form fitting, with great colors, excellent non-slip surfaced iPhone case Cozip brand is the best of all. This slip-free polycarbonate Apple iPhone Case is the best selling iPhone case in Amazon and has the highest user rates.

It has easy sliding and doesn't have a plastic feel. It doesn't change how iPhone looks and adds only 2mm to it. Quick and easy access to all iPhone features including Screen display, Dock connector, Headphone port, microphone, and camera lens. Recommended for real iPhone enthusiasts. 10/10

Protect your iPhone 3G from Scratches - Get the invisibleSHIELD.

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