CaseCrown iPhone 3G Slim Fit Case Review

I have noticed that 3G iPhone cases from CaseCrown were selling crazily at Amazon even surpassing high quality Seido Innocase 2 models. The main reasons became obvious later. The quality of the product and the huge price drop of the case at Amazon store.

Positives : Simple but very attractive design, especially black one perfectly reflects the soul of the device. Ergonomic, slip-free. Easy and open access to all iPhone functions including screen display, dock connector, microphone, camera lens etc. Durable polycarbonate material for long lifespan.

Negatives : Some users complain about bubbles appearing on the screen after some time. They also suggest using this case in companion with a high quality skin like Invisible Shield.

Conclusion : It is a good alternative to much more expensive Seido Innocase 2 and SwitchEasy Rebel iPhone cases and don't differ from them much in quality. Recommended.

iPhone 3G Seidio Innocase II Thin Case and Holster Combo

Seidio Innocase iPhone 3G caseSeidio InnoCase II is one of the best selling latest thin iPhone 3G cases at Amazon shop. Now, it is possible to buy this no-bulk thin hard plastic case with rubberized cover including Innocase holster as a combo with around 40% discount. If you do a little search, you will notice that Amazon is the best competitive seller for iphone cases. The 7-angles rotating belt clip provides needed security. All iPhone buttons and ports are accessible. It has a good grip. Your iPhone is protected with only 0.8 mm thin case against any scratches.

Seidio Innocase II Surface Holster Combo Black iPhone 3G

Speck Pixel Skin iPhone 3G Case - Unique Rubberized Design

I had reviewed Speck Toughskin iPhone case before.

The new Speck Products Pixel Skin iPhone 3G Case
is much better now. Rubberized material will protect iPhone from bumps and scrapes and all ports, sensors, camera and controls are easily reachable.

Special tile design provides secure grip and a nice tactile sensation. There are 7 color choices which some of them are really vibrant. The only missing thing is a screen film for more protection.

I would suggest a combination of Speck Pixel Skin 3G case
and Zagg InvisibleShield for maximum protection.

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