Otterbox Defender iPhone 4 Case

Drop-proof your wonderful Apple iPhone 4 using this OtterBox Defender Series case. This cutting-edge iPhone 4 case features 3 levels of protection and several sophisticated features. Stowing your iPhone away for the evening or for your travel? Just take away the back polycarbonate cover and snap it over the face for greatest touchscreen defense. Bestseller on Amazon.

The sturdy plastic covering provides safeguard versus shock, while a very thin, thermal-shaped skin protects your display screen and keys. After that, a solid polycarbonate shell caresses your iPhone 4 and also delivers additional safety against drops and impacts. Ultimately, a silicone skin covers all-around it all to kill shock completely.

Otterbox Defender iPhone 4 Case Key Features

* Layer on exterior of touchscreen display membrane layer resists finger marks
* Brand new stuff utilized for touch screen membrane removes static, bubbles, and "grease slick" physical appearance
* Internal felt liner soft cushions your iPhone.
* Distinctive silicone exterior for enhanced proper grip
* Integrated holster keeps device face in or face out (face in is suggested for greatest degree of shelter)
* Totally re-designed holster intended for more powerful hold on device
* Holster doubles as a stand for hands-free multimedia experience
* Otterbox Defender Case for iPhone fits the majority of third-party chargers

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